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3 Strategies to get MASSIVE TRAFFIC to your website FOR FREE.

Here is how, the secret is link building, something that anyone can do.

Link building refers to the various methods used to increase the number of high-quality links on third-party websites that point back to your website. Although building links often involves a lot of time looking for and reaching out to external sources, the return is exponential.

The benefit of backlinks is two-fold.

  • The more backlinks you have on reputable platforms, the better you will rank in the search engine results pages.  
  • Useful content will drive direct traffic to your website via all those backlinks.
Here are the best ways to get it done for free.

1. Using Facebook groups to convert leads and drive traffic to your website.

Many neighbourhoods have community groups on Facebook, search for areas you want to target and join those groups. It is important that you read and follow the rules of these groups, otherwise, you will be kicked off and lose access to those audiences. It is not uncommon to have groups with about 18k members. Some groups allow active advertising on certain days of the month; leverage this by posting at every opportunity.

Generally, people are actively asking for suggestions on product or service providers, these are pre-qualified leads. They are currently in the consumer buying process and are ready to be converted into customers with a little persuasion.

The secret sauce:

Once you have joined a group, you can go into that group and search for your keywords using the search bar; this will instantly get you a list of potential leads. Go into the comment section of every post with a relevant request and post a casual recommendation such as “I recommend @yourbusinessfacebookpage here is a link to the website (insert website link)”. Be sure to add emoji’s and make use of Facebook stickers & Gifs. Most people do not do this, you need to stand out, there will be a lot of competition. Gifs work well because they are big and they catch your eye when scrolling through comments. They are also entertaining.

The next step is to like your own comment. Get your friends to like your comment and get them to recommend your business too by asking them to @your business. Get them to like each other’s comments too. When people see your name multiple times with engagement on comments they are likely to look at your website. Notice that you are the only one who posts your website link, your friends just @ your Facebook page.

Like the post. When you do this, the person who posted will get a notification on top of the comment notifications. More exposeure. Further, Facebook’s algorithm will see that you like content with certain words appearing in the text. This way, more leads will show up in your general feed.

The golden part about this is that comments get views! People who view the comments often do so because they have a similar problem to solve, when they see you are highly recommended, they are likely to check out your website.

The last step is to reach out via DM, be sure to post your website link here as well. The most efficient way to convert the lead is to recommend setting up a virtual meeting with the client, to establish rapport. Be sure to have your camera on in this meeting.

Here are a few great Facebooks groups to join:

2. Forum Link building with the aid of a blog.

A blog on your website can help you rank better, establish trust, gain credibility and it is a place to embed keywords for your products and services: 

There are hundreds of platforms out there where niche audiences congregate to engage with content and to ask questions. If you publish useful content on these platforms, the audience will begin to see you as the go-to person in the industry.

Here is a useful chart to help you choose the right platform to engage on. 

Forum link building

Forum link building tactics.

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field does not go unnoticed. Establish expertise by answering questions regularly with useful, accurate and relevant information on forums and linking content from your website blog for further insight. Regular engagement on your chosen forum is critical.

The key is to make an intriguing post that summarizes the content of your blog article and then to link the blog article to your post so that people go read the content on your website. Have a look at forums in your niche and identify frequent problems your audience faces. Create well-researched blog articles on these topics and use them to drive traffic to your site directly from your posts on forums. Share the same content on multiple forums that cover similar topics to get the most out of each blog article you create.

You need to make sure your profile on the chosen platform looks professional, make sure you upload a profile picture with your company logo. Your username should ideally be your company name. Create an in depth bio for your profile that describes your products and services. Make sure to embed your keywords in the copy. Lastly, make sure you post a link to your website’s home page in the bio. Having a profile that is detached from you personally creates the impression that your company is big. This is the number one factor that establishes trust with an audience.

Business Directories

There are several business directories out there where you can create a professional business profile for free. Many of them boast massive amounts of traffic; they can be a great source of referral traffic and a way to build backlinks. The key is to complete your profile as comprehensively as possible and to add comprehensive descriptions of your services that contain your keywords.

Here are our favourite picks:

Google business profile

Allows you to create free business profile so you can be found on Google Search and Maps. Customize your profile with photos, logos, attributes, traffic information, and more. Create posts, offers and events. Respond to reviews, send and receive instant messages, and post answers to frequently asked questions.


Yelp is a local business rating site and social network with site where users can submit reviews of products or services on a scale of one to five stars. Every month, more than 90 million people visit Yelp to find local businesses. Businesses can access their free sites, expand their reach with ads, and promote news in weekly emails.