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Below is a candid and honest description of me and what makes me tick. It is a rare glimpse into my way of thinking which I infrequently share with people because I have a peculiar approach to life. 

I have tasted the fruit of hard & smart work during my university career and own ventures. Through this have come to realize that in the long term, strategic effort yields exponential returns and countless opportunities. It is the single best investment you can ever make. As a result of this epiphany, I have a solid work ethic and good discipline. Once you see the results of your effort, working towards your long term goals becomes an addiction and lifestyle.  

I enjoy visualizing realistic life paths and breaking them down into actionable challenges. I take active steps to secure the future I want, I do what is necessary and ethical. I have a whiteboard in my room where I write all my important thoughts and I think about those thoughts critically. I write down smart goals and progressively challenge myself to do certain things that will move me in the right direction. Some of these challenges may seem absurd to an observer, but they all have a strategic purpose. For instance, I have recently climbed a 20 story tower without a safety harness to prove to myself that I can keep a cool, focused head in stressful situations. Through this selective exposure to stress and emotion you can tailor yourself to be a good candidate for the role you need to occupy to achieve your dreams. This is how I sweat in peace so I bleed less in war.    

I am a highly curious individual and find almost all subjects interesting. I tend to climb onto a topic and “rabbit hole”, essentially learning until my thirst for knowledge is quenched. Due to this natural curiosity I have a wide base of general knowledge. I make a point of engaging with beneficial & intellectual content that I can apply in my life. I take this very seriously. It has come to a point where I don’t watch  TV or read fiction.This wide spectrum of interest is another reason why I mostly get along with any person.

To determine what I engage with on a daily basis, I use what I call it the AEA process (Awareness, Education, Action). On occasion I become aware of some opportunity or get an idea. I write this down on Steve (my whiteboard) and think about it critically based on my current knowledge and context.

Despite my strategic approach to life, I am still a warm and kind person who just wants to make a difference in the world and to be able to care for my people.  

Work Experience

PG Bison January 2020 - Current

It is insightful to see how large companies approach business and how intra-company relationships work. I have come to appreciate the importance of relationship building & strategic networking. It is clear that growth in the corporate world stems from relationships,  influence and involvement in key projects. As such, I make it my mandate to be involved with improvement initiatives and projects that drive change

At first, I felt dependent on my manager to hand me work on a silver platter. It became evident that I needed to make a place for myself in the organization by going to my manager with suggestions for projects. This approach worked splendidly as it allowed me to focus on exciting and challenging projects rather than the mundane mind numbing work that was handed to me. My efforts were soon noticed and I became the ideal candidate to handle projects that no one knew how to do.

I was selected to manage a development initiative for PG Bison to create a digital platform which will foster relationships with downstream customers. There was talk of such a development but no particular plans. Upon my own Initiative I designed a user interface for the platform and created a detailed scoping document to spark the development. From there we refined it and so the development began.   

I thrived off of projects that required me to research things. There is nothing more satisfying than figuring something out and admiring the work you hand over. Through these technical initiatives, I have picked up a great deal of knowledge.

I currently serve a range of responsibilities in the marketing department. Including but not limited to.

– Customer database management & Maintenance
– Creating reports on Data
– Social media performance monitoring
– Managing CRM system enhancements
– Editing webinars & Video’s
– Involvement in digital initiatives & projects
– Managing customer communication send outs (emailers & SMS’s)
– Projects that require research to implement & special assignments
– Working with the sales team to collect customer data
– General data collection
– Managing the setup of data collection pages
– Occasional graphic design projects

Falconi Leather Co/ Grafik Media House 2017 - 2020 (own businesses as a student)

My First Brand

As a student, I started a leather goods company with a friend from university. We designed leather products & sold them online. I have gained invaluable business experience through this venture. I created my first website, managed social media marketing, brand & supply chain management, product deliveries and much more. We  got funding from an investor and sold Falconi products in two stores which contributed to my negotiation skills. 

After realizing that websites can make more money than selling leather goods with a third of the effort and less expenses, I decided to start Ecomli with a friend from university as a partner.

Freelance Graphic Design

 I started a small one-man graphic design agency as an extra source of income. I became proficient in using the Adobe Creative Suite with a particular focus on Illustrator, Photoshop, Dimension, XD and Premiere Pro. 

Ecomli web developments 2019 - Current

 Ecomli has been way more profitable than Falconi, thus, we decided to close Falconi to focus on building websites instead. We expanded our service offering by establishing strategic partnerships and outsourcing labour where possible. 

We started doing projects with international clients in different time zones, teaching me the importance of time management. Building websites in foreign languages using asynchronous communication poses some interesting challenges.

Ecomli has given me invaluable sales experience, the ability to create lead generation systems, enhanced my project management skills and boosted my technical knowledge. I have learnt a great deal about digitizing business processes.

As Ecomli grew, I began dedicating my time to the activities that generate the most revenue. Through focusing on lead generation and interacting with potential clients, I have build up an amazing personal network. These key relationships make the world seem a bit more accessible.

Today, Ecomli has 3 other employees besides my partner and I. 

Vilvor Constructions - Part Time Work as Student. Holidays: 2015 - 2017

This was my first experience in managing a team of people. I learned a great deal about project management & construction.

I learned the importance of understanding your work force and that you need to engage and communicate clearly with people form various levels. 

On site, we had workers from across Southern Africa. There were various cultural and language constraints which taught me the importance of challenges with cultural diversity in the workplace. 

Awards & Education

B.Com Hons. Business Management Degree 

University of Pretoria

I was fortunate to join a short exchange programme at the University of Coventry in England where I obtained a Bloomberg Market Concepts certification. 

2019 – 2020

B.Com Marketing Management Degree

 University of Pretoria 

I received a full bursary based on academic performance and was invited to join the Golden Key International Honor Society for consistently making the top 10% of my degree. 

2016 – 2018


Rand Park High

I was in 8 schools, switching between English and Afrikaans.

I gained a great ability to socialize, make friends & understand people because of this. Further, I became comfortable with adapting to change.  


Strategic Thinker,

Problem Solver.

My Skillset

I have a diverse general knowledge and a burning curiosity to learn new things. I thrive off of tasks that require me to figure things out and think creatively.

Mental engagement is a critical factor in job satisfaction for me. I like solving hard problems. Further, I believe emotional intelligence is critical in business success. 

  • General Computer Literacy
  • Excel, data analysis, data scrubbing & google data studio
  • Graphic Design
  • Seo, Google ads & social media ads setup 
  • Wordpress web development
  • Working with & understanding people 



English - Full proficiency


Afrikaans - Full Proficiency


Spanish, a work in progress

About Me


  • Thrives under pressure
  • Assertive
  • Takes initiative
  • Problem Solver
  • Good with people
  • Natural leader
  • Disciplined

  • Long Term Thinker 
  • Resourceful 
  • Takes calculated risks 
  • Open-minded 
  • Works smart & hard 
  • Continuous learner 
  • Strategist 

This is me

Areas of interest & Hobbies 

Useful information

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Date of Birth: 28 October 1997

Marital Status: Single with no dependants

Nationality: South African

Drivers License: C1 (GVM of 16 tons or lower)

Health: Excellent

Body Type: Athletic

Criminal Offences: Nil

*Formal documentation is available upon request.